Free Comic Book Day 2017

Hub Comics FCBD 2017From opening at 10am until closing at 9am (or earlier, if we run out), Saturday May 6th is one of our favorite days of the year! It’s FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! A collaboration of stores, publishers, and the industry’s major distributor, FCBD is the perfect time to check out new offerings from your favorite publishers like Drawn and Quarterly, Image, Fantagraphics, Marvel and DC! Hub Comics will also have some choice books on-sale that day for an extra discount, but supplies will be limited!

Jack reviews “Cinder and Ashe”

Hub Comics Jack Reviews Cinder AsheCinder and Ashe
Gerry Conway and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez
DC Comics, $14.99, recommended for mature readers

Hub Comics Jack Reviews Cinder Ashe 2Cinder and Ashe is a pulp masterpiece by writer Gerry Conway (Spider-
Man, Firestorm, Justice League of America), artist Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez
(Atari Force, Batman, as well as DC Comics Style Guides used for their
licensed superhero products), with traditional flat colors by the great Joe
Orlando (various EC Comics, Classics Illustrated, Mad Magazine). First
serialized in 1988, it heavily borrows from the detective genre while
commenting on the worldview of two distinctly different survivors of the
last days of Vietnam: a half American /half Vietnamese orphan-turned-street
thief named Cinder, and a marine named Ashe. The book takes place
between 1980s New Orleans and 1970s Saigon, intertwining the two
locations to flesh out the protagonists and how the tragic events of war (and
the results of war, poverty, corruption, etc.) still affect them. The book is
simultaneously lowbrow and highbrow; it uses traditional (but not
unsophisticated) comics storytelling and embraces detective tropes while
simultaneously investigating post-traumatic stress disorder.
The bad guys are bad: they’re misogynistic bigots, pimps and pushers,
corrupt politicians, and punk hooligans. This makes the good guys so
likeable; they’re honorable, fair, and they put the good of community in front
of their own personal needs. Despite its adult-oriented action, this is a DC
Comics title after all.

Action-packed and historically relevant, Cinder and Ashe excites and
intrigues. The characters are complex, the stakes are high, and the pacing is
expert. This comic came out around the same time as Watchmen and is a
lost masterpiece of the first wave of thinkers who dared to say “comics aren’t
for kids anymore.”

-Jack Turnbull

DKoaDN 2016!

We are pleased to showcase Dave Marshall‘s lovely poster for our 8th annual Dark Knight on Dark Night. Come to our opening reception on Saturday, December 10th from 6 to 8pm and see Batman-inspired works by local artists! If you miss this fun event (Snacks! Soda! People talking about Batman!), the art is on display through January.

Hub Comics DKoaDN 2016 art by Dave Marshall

Dark Knight on a Dark Night 2016

HOLY WINTER SOLSTICE, BATMAN! HUB COMICS celebrates our eighth annual Dark Knight on a Dark Night art show, and we want local artists’ interpretations of the world of Batman. The opening reception is Saturday, December 10th, and the show runs through January.

· If interested in contributing art, please send us an email at hubcomics [at] gmail [dot] com with “Dark Knight” in the subject line. Jpeg photographs of submissions will be required no later than Saturday, December 3rd.

· If your piece is accepted, you’ll be notified by Monday, December 5th (due to space limitations, we may not be able to accept all submissions).

· Please include your name, title, medium, and size of the piece, as well as pricing information if applicable. All accepted pieces must be ready for hanging/installation.

· Batman in any form, his friends and foes, 2-D and 3-D art is eligible, as are all the mash-ups, variations, and reinterpretations you can think of! Go crazy!

Our DARK KNIGHT ON A DARK NIGHT show is free and open to all who quest for justice. Bring us your best homage to the caped crusader’s seventy-five-years-plus history!

Free Comic Book Day 2016

The first Saturday in May is Free Comic Book Day and this year, Saturday May 7th, is no exception! We’ll have loads of special Free Comic Book Day comics, including Marvel’s Civil War II prologue, as well as some special deals! Come by early for the best selection!